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Journal of Forensic Chemistry and Toxicology
About the journal
Dr. A.K. Jaiswal PhD,, New Delhi
RFPPL own journal

Detectives, investigators, researchers, forensic pathologists, forensic scientists, forensic chemists, clinical examiners, lawyers, attorneys, government watchdogs, and manufacturers

Volume 9, Number 2 (July-December), 2023
December 05, 2023

Journal Description

The Journal of Criminal Chemistry and Toxicology (JFCT) is a peer-reviewed journal that focuses on distributing the most complete and reliable sources of information on recent discoveries, developments, case reports and short communications. In all fields of forensic chemistry and toxicology. Forensic chemistry is unique in chemistry because its research, practice and presentation must meet both scientific and legal needs. Therefore, forensic chemistry research is applied in nature and design, focusing on measurement and validation. Forensic chemistry includes organic and inorganic analysis, toxicology, arson research and forensics. JFCT deals with forensic medicine, forensic science, forensic chemistry, toxicology and analytical chemistry, DNA fingerprints, sex medicine, and environmental medicine, among others.