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A. Lal, Delhi
RFPPL own journal

Scholars, professionals, practitioners, faculty, students in the field of library and information science

Volume 14, Number 3 (September-December), 2020
September 01, 2020

Journal Description

The Indian Journal of Library and Information Science (Print ISSN 0973-9548, Online ISSN 0973-9556, Registered with Registrar of Newspapers for India: DELENG/2007/22242) provides comprehensive international coverage of library & information science and technology. IJLIS is published 3 times a year by the Red Flower Publication Pvt. Ltd. It presents peer-reviewed survey and original research articles on specific areas are: new information technology, education and training, human resource management, the changing role of the library, future developments, opportunities, bibliographic databases, cataloging issues, electronic publishing, acquisitions, collection development, administration, management, archives, preservation, and special collections, automation and cataloging. Its papers include letters to the editor, book reviews, calendar of events, conference reports, interviews, and much more.

Indian Journal of Library and Information Science is the Peer-Reviewed and Refereed Journal

Bibliographic Information

p-ISSN 0973-9548
e-ISSN 0973-9556

Registered with Registrar of Newspapers for India: DELENG/2007/22242