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Journal of Nurse Midwifery and Maternal Health
About the journal
Dr. Lekha Viswanath, Kochi
RFPPL own Journal

Midwives, physicians, and other professionals involved with perinatal education and maternal-child health care

Volume 10, Number 1 (January – April ), 2024
December 05, 2023

Journal Description

The Nurse Midwifery and Maternal Health (JNMMH) is a peer-reviewed journal covers the fields of family practice, women's health care, emergency nursing, psychiatry, geriatric nursing and pediatric nursing. The journal aims to present new research and current knowledge in a wide range of clinical and interdisciplinary fields such as maternal care, gynaecology, primary care for women and newborns, public health, health policy, and global health. The journal publishes original works on nursing, midwifery and maternal health. Members of our technical and editorial team of nurses, midwives and related fields ensure the quality and review standards of our publications.