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About the journal
Kamal Jeet Singh , Allahabad
Red Flower Publications own journal

Ophthalmologists, Physicians, researchers and faculties

Volume 6, Number 3 (September – December), 2020
September 24, 2020

Journal Description

Ophthalmology and Allied Sciences (OAS) is a half yearly peer-reviewed journal for ophthalmologists and visual science specialists, with a broad international scope. The journal publishes original, peer-reviewed reports of research in ophthalmology, including basic science investigations and clinical studies. Topics include new diagnostic and surgical techniques, treatment methods, instrument updates, the latest drug findings, results of clinical trials, and research findings. In addition to original research papers, the journal presents review articles, editorial comments, an international calendar of events and book reviews.

Bibliographic Information

p-ISSN  2454-7816
e-ISSN   2455-8354