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Journal of Social Welfare and Management
About the journal
Dr. A. Lal, Delhi
Red Flower Publications own journal

Social workers, policy makers and economists

Volume 16, Number 1 (January - April ), 2024
December 05, 2023
Journal Description

It is clear that major global social forces, such as demographic trends, migration patterns and global economic globalization, are redefining social welfare policies and social working practices worldwide. Detailed analysis of the experiences of countries grappling with emerging social welfare challenges in the postmodern world has learned a lot. The Journal of Social Welfare Management aims to promote debate on the global impact of social welfare issues at the time. As this journal is multidisciplinary, it is considered to have high-quality papers in a wide range of fields such as economics, management, population statistics, political science, geography, psychology, literature, history, anthropology, sociology, labour management, communication and women-related issues.

The Journal of Social Welfare and Management is a peer-reviewed and refereed journal.