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About the journal
Pramilaa R, PhD(N), Bhopal
RFPPL own publication

Medical Surgical Nurses, Nursing Staff, Nursinf Faculty and Research Scholars

Volume 12, Number 2 (May-August), 2023
May 06, 2022

Journal Description

Indian Journal of Surgical Nursing (ISSN 2277-467X) is the professional, peer-reviewed journal for nurses in surgical nursing practice. Written by and for surgical nurses, the journal features clinical articles covering a wide variety of surgical procedures. The articles are including patient education techniques and research findings in all issues of Indian Journal of Surgical Nursing. Indian Journal of Surgical Nursing is committed to the advancement of adult health/medical-surgical nursing practice. IJSN supports adult health/medical-surgical nurses as they strive for excellence in patient care, private practice, and outpatient health care settings in different types of locations in the world.

Indian Journal of Surgical Nursing is the Peer-Reviewed and Refereed Journal.

p-ISSN     2277-467X
e-ISSN     2455-5509