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First Edition
Dr. Ujwal L. Gajbe, Dr. Brij Raj Singh, Dr. Anupama Sawal

CBME implies the ability of a medical graduate to fulfill the emerging needs of the society in the health sphere.
Anatomy being a basic science and vast subject, it is my sincere endeavour to comprehend and present the subject in an easy and memorable way.
In this techno-savvy era, there has been explosion of sophisticated imaging techniques like endoscopy, laparoscopy, computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging and PET scan for three dimensional visualization of Anatomy in living subjects. Presentation or reading material in this book is revolutionized with more reliance on clinical aspects to further consolidate and enhance the learning experience.
The areas covered in this book aim to impart basic knowledge compiled with the objectives of the CBME. Efforts have been made by adopting various methods, to saliently impress upon the students to gain reproducible knowledge when they go in the academic field.
CBME being the globally accepted curriculum, this work offers the studentsto be linked with the present developments in the medical area and a permanent background while advancing in their career.
I am a believer of the fact that no work is perfect and it necessitates revision from time to time. It will be my privilege to incorporate the changes suggested by the students and the readers whenever required.

Key Features: 

• The content is designed in such a way that it will facilitate interest as well as further
understanding of the subject.
• The matter is specifically put forth in the form of concise and brief information which will
help students in the academic journey to become globally competent.
• It includes high yield topics of Anatomy with an ideal to the point answers which will
prove to be categorical format for the students.
• An attempt has been made to reinforce the core Anatomy by appreciation of it's clinical
relevance thereby providing students holistic view of the information.
• Key concepts of the subject are well defined in the book and the language used is simple
and lucid.
• The reading material will help students to remove the concept of learning any subject
in isolation and in fragments. Instead it will keep students motivated as the information
presented in this book forms a link between foundation subject and applied sciences.
• It consists of easy and drawable diagrams to make the content easy to understand and
recall during the examination

Dr. Ujwal Gajbe MBBS, MS, Mphil (HPE) is Dean and Professor, Department of Anatomy, Datta Meghe Medical College, Wanadongri, Nagpur and ex-Professor and Head, Department of Anatomy, J.N.M.C., Sawangi, Meghe, Wardha. She is Geneticist at Wardha Test Tube Baby Center, AVBRH, Sawangi Wardha. She has joined Government Medical College Nagpur in 1987 and completed her MBBS and MS. She has received Mphil (HPE) in 2017. She is a PhD and Fellowship supervisor and examiner and has a teaching experience of twenty four years. She is M.C.I's nominated faculty in Nodal Center for National Faculty Development and School for Health Professionals Education, Datta Meghe Institute of Medical Sciences (Deemed to be University), Sawangi, Meghe, Wardha. She has attended and organized many National and International Conferences and has 62 National and International publications in her credit. She has received nine times best teacher award in preclinical phase.

Dr. Brij Raj Singh MBBS, MD, DMRE, is Professor and Head, Department of Anatomy, Datta Meghe Medical College, Wanadongri, Nagpur. He is Clinical Embryologist at Wardha Test Tube Baby Center, AVBRH, Sawangi, Meghe, Wardha. He is a Fellowship Supervisor and examiner and has teaching experience of twelve years. He has attended and organized many National and International Conferences and has seventy National and International publications in his credit.

  Journey of Anatomy Through MCQs
First Edition
Dr. Khadija Iqbal, Dr. Ibad-ur-Rehman, Dr. Samra Asif

With the advancements in Anatomy day by day the subject of Anatomy has established itself as a preferred niche field with a growing popularity, not only among students pursuing The subject of Anatomy is very vast and its revision for sake of passing exam is very difficult. This book is a comprehensive review of the subject. It is divided into sections on Histology embryology and different regions of gross anatomy. In addition of single best MCQS extended matching questions have been added to further enhance the knowledge of the students. The Author herself an anatomist is well aware of needs of the students to qualify in the undergraduate and post-graduate exams at the national and international level. Key is provided at the end of each chapter to analyze the level of preparation for a particular section. This book will be very useful for the students who are keen learners and interested in in-depth knowledge.

Medical professional driven to inspire students to achieve academic success. Particulate interest in fields related to human and mammalian anatomy. Highly qualified anatomist with 25 years of professional experience in all areas of research and teaching in anatomy. Interested in research using new techniques and outstanding leadership and management skills with regard to coordination of multiple professional personnel (peers or junior trainees) and scientific projects. Excellent analytical skills, logical reasoning, the ability to reflect and to use carefully reasoned research questions towards sound research projects. Extensive writing experience includes the publication of more than fifty publications and contribution to books on embryology. Worked in institutes running integrated modular system therefore can play a vital role in bridging the newly discovered basic science knowledge with pragmatic clinical applications.

  Pediatric Pocket Guide
First Edition
Dr. Prashant Kumar Verma

Pediatrics is a vast subject, and humans cannot retain everything in their memories, but a treating physician needs to retain basics aspect and knowledge of the principal topics. Individuals can read a textbook or other resources but cannot retail adequately without twice or thrice revision of that topic. Although the patient’s disease statistic is a powerful resource for selecting these topics, the insufficient data or regional differences make it difficult for a beginner to decide on them.

To solve this problem, he made notes for each topic based on patient statistics, commonly asked in daily clinical rounds, and has must know criteria. This book is the printed version of all his notes. Medicine is a constant learning branch, and the author also tried to add his notes on other topics as example rules of the clinical practice, and examination in a page.

I have strong expectation with this book for helping all medical personnel who has an interest in pediatric practice and quick revision of selected topics. 

Author awarded MD Pediatrics degree in 2007 from Sarojini Naidu Medical College, Agra. He was exposed to all basic fields of Pediatrics during these three years of intensive junior residency training. He also did senior residencies in NICU and Intensive care units from reputed health centers.

He also passed out DM (Doctorate in Medicine, Ph.D.) in Medical Genetics after his MD in Pediatrics from Sanjay Gandhi Post Graduate Medical Institute, Lucknow. He has sufficient experience working as a pediatrician, clinical geneticist, and principal investigator of projects for medical research.

He worked on various academic and consultant position at national and international institutes. In July 2017, he joined All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Rishikesh, India. Presently he is working as an Additional Professor and consultant in the department of pediatrics and unit head of Medical Genetic division. He has published a monthly newsletter, "Rishi Vansh", related to rare disease since June 2020. He has published more than sixty articles in various reputed journals and one book for general information of type-1 diabetes mellites’ patient care.

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