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SS Chatterji, PhD, Kolkata
West bengal,India
Email: profsschatterjicu@rediffmail.com

Date of Joining:23 Nov 2015
Prof. (Dr.) S. S. Chatterji Professor of Law Department of Law, University of Calcutta 51/1 Hazra Road, Kolkata-700019, West Bengal, India

Paper published with us :
Indian Journal of Law and Human Behavior   
Position of Death Convicts in the Sea of Humanitarian Jurisprudence: Need for a Review     (Vol. 2, No. 1, 2016)
S.S. Chatterji*, Nayna Chatterji**  

Paper reviewed for Red Flower Publication :
1 Assigned for review on 31 Oct 2016      Action : Review Pending
2 Assigned for review on 13 Oct 2017      Action : Review Pending
3 Assigned for review on 11 May 2018      Action : Review Pending
4 Assigned for review on 16 May 2019      Action : Review Pending