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  Volume 6, Number 2, Mar-Apr 2018
Original Article
Evaluate the Efficacy and Safety of Normal Saline Instillation in Induction of Mid Trimester Abortions
    Kuthadi Swarupa1, Jalli Padmaja2 , Vamshee Priya P.3  |  DOI:
A Study of Maternal and Neonatal Outcome in Case of Twin Gestation
    Nalini I. Anand1, Mona D. Gandhi2, Meru B. Ramu3  |  DOI:
Maternal and Perinatal Outcome in Term Premature Rupture of Membrane
    Alka Patil1, Nitin Kulkarni2, Anamika Arun3, Shruti Singh4, Nilay Patel5  |  DOI:
To Study Indication of LSCS in Induced Nullipara and its Effect on Subsequent LSCS Rate
    Anish Panchal1, Nirav Patel2, Anjani Shrivastava3, Nilam Prajapati4  |  DOI:
Role of Admission Test in Low Risk Pregnancy
    Arshiya Khan1, Vandana Nimbargi2  |  DOI:
Need for Optimal Laparoscopic Ergonomics in Gynaecology
    Geetha H.H.1, K. Banu2, Patil G.L.3, Patil L.S.4, Shashikala P.5  |  DOI:
Safe Motherhood How Far Safe
    P.S. Punatar1, N.I. Anand2, Brinda R. Barchha3  |  DOI:
To Study Feto-Maternal outcome in Relation to O’Sullivan Results
    Chetana J.K.1, Amisha Gheewala2, Ragini Verma3  |  DOI:
Single Puncture Laparoscopic Tubal Ligation in Tertiary Health Centre: Aretrospective Study
    Thakur Disha1, Rao Bhushan Bhalchandra2  |  DOI:
Maternal Serum Beta Human Chorionic Gonadotropins as a Predictor for Pregnancy Induced Hypertension
    K. Hima Bindu1, E. Rama Devi2  |  DOI:
A Prospective Study on Hypertension in Pregnancy in a Tertiary Care Hospital
    Jothi Sundaram1, Kavitha D.S.2  |  DOI:
Fetomaternal Outcome in Eclampsia: Prospective Study in a Tertiary Centre
    Shah Meghana J.1, Vachhani Ashvin D.2, Shah Disha V.3, Rajput Preeti Singh4, Vaghela Rajnikant V.5, Shah Jitesh M.6  |  DOI:
Study of Feto-Maternal Outcome in Pregnant Females with Infective Hepatitis
    Nilam Prajapati1, Vishal Patel2, Parul Udhanawala3, Bhavika Gamit4  |  DOI:
To Study ICD-10 MM Classification of Causes of Maternal Death in Tertiary Care Centre, South Gujarat Over a Period of 2 Years
    Ritesh Sondawale1, Jagruti Anavadia2, Dhwani Desai3, Tulshi Kalathiya4, Ragini Verma5  |  DOI:
Ectopic Pregnancy: A Descriptive Analytical Study in a Tertiary Care Hospital of Ballari
    Usharani N.1, Shankar J.2  |  DOI:
Role of Colour Doppler in Intra Uterine Growth Retardation and Its Management
    N.I. Anand1, P.S. Punatar2, Henil Mathukiya3  |  DOI:
An Analytical Study of Combined Diagnostic Hysteroscopy and Laparoscopy in Evaluating Factors for Infertility
    Nadkarni Vaibhav1, Gupta Arun2, Singh Sakshi3  |  DOI:
Assessment of Risk Factors & Fetal Outcome in Preterm Labour in A Tertiary Care Hospital on the West Cost of India
    Priti Punatar1, Nalini Anand2, Hina Gohil3  |  DOI:
To Study Indication of LSCS in New Civil Hospital, Surat Using Modified Robson’s Criteria
    Anjani Shrivastava1, Kedar Trivedi2, Anish Panchal3, Nilam Prajapati4  |  DOI:
Case Series on Peripartum Cardiomyopathy
    Megha Dilip Hittinhalli1, Neelamma Patil2  |  DOI: