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  Volume 2, Number 2, Jul-Dec 2017
Original Article
The Role of Serum Levels of Zinc, Copper, Magnesium and Iron in Alopecia Areata
    Manal A-W Bosseila*, Nermine H. El-Eishi*, Ghada M. El-Hanafy*, Nabila A-A. Elleithy**, Mervat A. Abd El-Rahman***  
Helios III: Indian Experience with Avantgarde Innovative Fractional Q-Switched ND: YAG Laser
    Amarendra Pandey*, Sidharth Sonthalia**, Biplav Agarwal***  
Review Article
Latest Advances in Chemical Peels
    Amarendra Pandey*, Sidharth Sonthalia**, Biplav Agarwal***  
Case Report
Decapitation with Modified Star Closure Technique for Neurofibroma Excision
    Sudhanva H. Kumar*, Ravi Kumar Chittoria**, Abhinav Aggarwal*  
Successful Non-Surgical Treatment of Buschke-Lowenstein Tumour with 12 Weeks of 5% Imiquimod Alone
    Sonthalia Sidharth*, Vijay Gandhi**  
Scar Management by MAVE
    Elankumar S.*, Chittoria R.K.**, Kumaran M.S.*, Sudhanva H.K.*, Preethitha B.*  
APRP Spray Device: A Novel Technique for Applying APRP
    Elankumar S.*, Sudhanva H.K.*, Abhinav A.*, Chittoria R.K.**  
Shedding the Scalpel – Emergence of Non-Invasive Diagnostic Modalities in Dermatology
    Sonthalia Sidharth*, Akshay Kumar Jain**, Sonali Langar***