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  Volume 7, Number 2, May-Aug 2013
Original Article
Utilization of Library Services by Teachhers of A Medical College of India
    Rathnakar UP, Sahana D Acharya, Preethi G Pai, Unnikrishnan B, Shiva Prakash G, Ashok K Seony, Udupa AL  
Information Access Pattern Among Chemistry Teachers in Arts & Science Colleges in Tiruchirappalli Region, Tamilnadu
    Baskaran C, Gopalakrishanan C,  
A Citationist Perspective on the work of Bharathidasan University Researchers:A Historiographics Citation Mapping
    Srinivasaragavan S, Surunathi M, Prabu R, Neelakandan B  
Applied Linguistics View of Cataloguing and Classification Library Books
    Joseph O Omoniyi, Olorunfemi, Doreen Yemisi  
A Study on English Literature Websites
    Balasubramanian P, Christal DOra, D, Maratha Devi J  
A Study of Free Journals in Area of Management Science
    Ravi N Bellary  
Application of IT Current Status of Mahatma Phule Krishi Vidyapeeth Library, Rahuri
    Rupali S Sharingat Shinde PA, Ingale RN  
Review Article
Internet Usage among Indian Scientists
    Mehtab Alam Ansari  
Assessment of Library Services Delivery in Textile Engineering Institute Libraries of Haryana
    Chetan Sharma, Rajinder Kumar  
Case Report
Joomla,A Viable CMS platform in Developing a Library Website:A Case Study of Bharatesh\'s Global Business School Library
    Bharat B Alsandi,Gururaj S Hadgali