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  Volume 7, Number 1, January - April 2013
Original Article
Library Portal Designing & Web Resource Management
    Sibsankar Jana  
Students Attitude towards the uses of Internet
    Shivaraj O, Suresha GP, Arun Kumar D  
A Role of Libraries in 21st Century in India
    Dinesh Kumar, Arjun,Purnima Chauhan, Payare Lal, Suresh Chand  
Indian Universities on Postage Stamps:A Survey through Philatelic Websites
    Mangala Anil Hirwade, Ujwala Anil Nawlakhe  
Information Journey through Knoweldge Desegregation in Digital Environment
    Manoj Kumar Verma  
Web Based Library Information System of Hindalco Renukoot
    Sanjay K Kaushik, V.S.Bisht  
Review of Modern IT Tools Adopted by M.P.K.V. Library,Rahuri
    Syed Fayyaz Mohsin, PA Sinde  
Review Article
An Overview of Academic Librarians Status in US Libraries
    Subhash Chandra  
An Impact of Open Source Software for Libraries in Higher Education: The Global Perspectives
    Baskaran C, Sadik Batcha M  
Utilization of Information Resources by the Faculty and Research Scholars in Kannada University Library Hampi: A Study
    MS Lohar*, Nagaraja Naik M**, MC Gudimani***  
Research Trend in the field of Nanotechnology: A Bibliometric Study
    Keshava, Kusugal NB  
Human Research Developement in the State University Libraries & Information Centres in Uttar Pradesh:A Survey in the Perspectives of Information Technology
    Saurabh Mangalik, Shiva Kanaujia Sukula