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  Volume 5, Number 3, October - December 2011
Review Article
Internet and Its Use in Enriching and Upgrading of Information Resources in an Engineering Library
    L. Santhi, B.S. Swaroop Rani, Dr.N. Radhakrishnan  
OCLC Worldcat
    B. Ravi  
Theological Libraries: Reminiscences of a Glorious Past
    Anuradha V, A. K. Baradol  
Reviewing realistic stories: Children\'s Books in Persian Language
    Mina Akhbari Azad, Zahra Abazari  
Library Consortia for ICT-enabled Library Services
    Yashoda Rani, A.K. Sharma  
The Journal of Poultry Science: An Analysis of Citation Pattern
    Enamul Haque, Bidhan Chandra Biswas  
Managerial and Technological Skills for LIS Professionals: A Survey
    Suresh Jange, Sujatha  
Evaluation of Information Services and Facilities Offered by HKBK College of Engineering College Library: A Study on User Perspective
    K.R. Mulla  
Use of Information Sources by the Users of Delhi Public Library: A Survey
    J. A. Siddiqui, Krishna Kumar  
Developing an Online Public Access Catalogue: a case study of Mangalore University Library
    S.S. Kumbar, T. Y. Mallaiah  
Case Report
Use and Awareness of Electronic Information Resources and Services among the Teachers and Students of Institute of Informatics and Management Sciences (IIMS) Meerut: A Case Study
    Devendra Kumar, M. M. A. Ansari, Akhtar Hussain