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  Volume 4, Number 3, September-December 2010
Original Article
Status of Human Resource Management in Degree College Libraries of Allahabad City: A Survey
    Devendra Kumar* Jamal Ahmad Siddiqui**  
A Study of Indian Contributions to International Conferences on Scientometrics, Bibliometrics and Informetrics
    P. Rajendran* B. Ramesh Babu** R. Jeyshankar***  
Personal Benefits are Below Expectations of the Library and Information Science (LIS) Professionals in the Academic Libraries of Dakshina Kannada
    Purushothama Gowda M.  
A Study on the Utilisation of Search Engines among the Library Users in Pondicherry Engineering Colleges
    R. Ramesh* K. Praveena** M. Nagarajan***  
Information Literacy in India: An Overview
    S. Thanuskodi  
Scholarly Communication in Indian University Libraries
    B.P. Mahesh Chandra Guru* M. Gopalswamy** R.T.D. Ramesh Gandhi*** S.Raghavendra****  
The Preservation of Digital Information: Issues and Observations
    Sheela V.  
Bibliometric Analysis of Herbal Literature and Research Output
    P. Vinayagamoorthy* P. Chellappandi** J. Shanthi***  
Review Article
Data Mining: Tool for Knowledge Management
    A. Srimurugan* S. Nattar**  
Creation of Library Blogs
    B. Ravi  
Leadership Skills for the Future Librarianship
    Keshava* Lokeshappa H.**  
Web Based Library and Information Services: An Overview
    S. Nattar