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  Volume 2, Number 2, May-August 2008 2008
Original Article
Relationship Between Internet Use and Perceived Academic Performance Among Undergraduate Students at the Unoversity of Botswana
    Tella Adeyinka, Prof. S. Mutula  
Case Report
Children’s Services in the Public Libraries in North Kerala
    Dr. Sudha A  
Knowledge Management: A New Challenge for Libraries & Information Centres
    *Mohammad Haroon Khan, **Rao Ashher Kamal Waris  
Networking & Network Security
    Miss. Leena R Bhitre  
Stress Management in the perspective of Library Environment:An Overview
    Sibsankar Jana  
Teaching Faculty v/s Librarian:Better Collaboration for Academic Development
    Suresh Jange, Dr. Ramesha  
Use of Data Minining in a Library
    Rakesh Kumar Mishra