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  Volume 6, Number 1, January – June 2023
Review Article
A Study to assess the Knowledge Regarding COVID-19 among Adults of Urban and Rural Area of Surat, Gujarat
    Alka D. Tajne , Akshay M. Panchal , Avani N. Patel , Rima M. Patel , Sonal R. Patel , Anjali V. Rathod  |  DOI:
Stress among Students: A Literature Review
     Suvitha , S. Rishiyadharshini , E. Roshini, Ruthra. R , S. Sairam  |  DOI:
Attitude of Adults Towards Covid 19 Vaccination in Kannur District
    Nimmy Augustine , Senthilkumar. T , Aswathy Mohan , Jesna T. S , Linta Devasia , Maneesha A. S , Rose Mariya Shaju  |  DOI: