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  Volume 8, Number 1-2, Jan-Jun 2015
Original Article
Odontometric Analysis: An Aid for Sexual Dimorphism
    Anuj Mishra*, Ruchika Prasad**, Abhishek Sinha***, Sunita Srivastava****, Debanti Giri*****  |  DOI: 10.21088/ijfo.0974.505X.81215.1
Review Article
Maxillofacial Radiology: A Boon for Forensic Dentistry
    Akhilanand Chaurasia*, Divayjeet Goel**  |  DOI: 10.21088/ijfo.0974.505X.81215.2
Methods of Human Identification in Forensic Dentistry
    Akhilanand Chaurasia*, Divayjeet Goel**  |  DOI: 10.21088/ijfo.0974.505X.81215.3
Radiographic Methods of Age Estimation in Forensic Dentistry
    Akhilanand Chaurasia*, Divayjeet Goel**  |  DOI: 10.21088/ijfo.0974.505X.81215.4
Case Report
Fibrous Dysplasia Involving the Right Maxilla: A Case Report and Review of Literature of the Radiographic Feature of Fibrous Dysplasia
    Adhiraj Roy*, Shiva Prasad Shankarmurthy**, Ashok Lingappa***  |  DOI: 10.21088/ijfo.0974.505X.81215.5
Letter to Editor
Bitemark Evidence Expertise
    Sonia S. Datta, J. R. Sabharwal