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  Volume 5, Number 4, October - December 2012
Original Article
Incidence of Lip Print Patterns among South Indian Population: An Anthropological Study
    Hosmani Jagadish V, Nayak Ramakant S, Kotrashetti Vijayalakshmi S, Pradeep S, Babji Deepa  
Review Article
Teeth, a Chemical Record of the Owner – Amino Acid Racemization, Radiocarbon Analysis: A Review
    Vivek Dhruv Kumar, Sugandh Mittal, Madhvika Patidar, Shreya Sankalecha  
Palatal Rugae: An Overview in Forensic Odontology
    Anila Koneru, Shreekanth NG, Santosh Hunasgi, Kaveri Hallikeri, Parul Khare  
Changing Face of History: Virtual Anthropology
    Rajul Mehta, Ravneet, Aman Sodhi, Sourabh, Parul Khare  
Bite Marks: Fingerprints of the Mouth
    Harika Chittamsetty, S. Muni Venkatesh, Sridevi Palla, Jyoti Atla  
Case Report
Fingerprints in Prosthodontics
    Aman Arora, Sheen Juneja, Anusha Singh