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  Volume 14, Number 3(Special Issue), July - September 2021
Original Article
Effectiveness of X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometer Technique in Analysis of Nano-Coated Textile Material for use in Forensic Science
    1Parshuram Singh, 2Sapna Balayan,3R K Sarin,4Utkarsh Jain  |  DOI:
Comparative Solvent Extraction Methods for Determination of Pesticide Residues in Different Food Matrices and Its Analysis by GC- FID
    1Usha Sisodia, 2Rajeev Kumar  |  DOI:
Digitopalmar Dermatoglyphic Traits: A Tool for Identifying Sports Talent
    1Sheetal Malhan, 2Anupriya, 3Shumayla, 4Sara, 5Kaif Akram, 6Hamid Raza  |  DOI:
Diatomological Mapping of Water Bodies of Villages of Karnal, Haryana
    1Nandini, 2Priyanka, 3Anjali Malik  |  DOI:
To assess the Anatomical Variations of Lingual Foramen and its Bony Canals Using CBCT in Relation to Age and Gender
    1Jayant Kumar, 2Manu Dhillon, 3Hemant Sawhney, 4Madhulika Tomar, 5Richa Mishra  |  DOI:
Three-Dimensional Facial Morphometric Analysis: A reliability study Based on Facial Data of North Indian Population
    Abhinav Sood1, Varsha Dogra2, Gayatri Pathmanathan3, Aanchal Dwivedi4  |  DOI:
Deciphering of secret written content written with various fluids
    1Mahima, 2 Vikas Bhargav, 3Anjali Malik  |  DOI:
Isolation and Identification of Various Types of Microbes Present on Documents and the Inhibitory Effect of Ink on their Growth
    1Puja Mehta, 2Sally Lukose, 3Vandana Prasad  |  DOI:
Role of Oxidative Stress Associated Molecular Diagnostic Signatures in the Personal Identification of Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients
    1Rahul Saxena, 2 Ankit Batra, 3Rajni Ranjan, 4Jyoti Batra, 5Mausami Bhardwaj, 6 Merajul Haque Siddiqui  |  DOI:
Comparative Studies on Degradation of Forensic Biological Fluids Recovered from Crime Scene
    1Aswathi Anurudhan, 2Rajshree Borah, 3Anshu Nanda, 4Karan Singh, 5Ekampreet Kaur, 6Jaskaran Singh  |  DOI:
Forensic Database Management of Diatoms: A Tool for Comparison
    1Bhagyalakshmi R, 2Prashant Kumar, 3Sweta Rai, 4Anshu Nanda, 5S N Gimba, 6Jaskaran Singh  |  DOI:
Development and Visualization of Latent Fingerprints by Using Talcum Powder
    1Poonam Katyal, 2Sally Lukose  |  DOI:
Study of Predominant Lip-Print Patterns in University Students of Faridabad, Haryana
    1Vishal Sharma, 2Prashant Agrawal, 3Vandana Prasad, 4Shivani Aggarwal, 5SallyLukose  |  DOI:
Identification and Characterization of Counterfeit Kohl Samples using Sophisticated Analytical Techniques
    1Abhinav Sood, 2Varsha Dogra, 3Gayatri Pathmanathan, 4Aanchal Dwivedi  |  DOI:
Evaluation of the Concentration of Heavy Metals in Kohl (Kajal) using ICP-OES
    1Kamna Sharma, 2Sally Lukose  |  DOI:
Review Article
Advances in Chemiluminescence based Explosive Detection
    1Bhaskar Banerjee, 2Vinay Kumar Verma  |  DOI:
Dried Blood Spot Testing “A game changer” in Anti-doping strategies: A Review
    1Adil Ali Ansari, 2Aman Sachdeva  |  DOI:
Forensic Odontology: The Periodontal Perspective: A Review
    1Ayushi Singh, 2Pallavi Sharma, 3Radhika Gupta, 4M Siddharth  |  DOI:
Forensic Investigation of Aquatic Organisms
    1 Ekampreet Kaur, 2Jaskarn Singh, 3Jasmeet Kaur, 4Tilak Raj  |  DOI:
Charred Documents and the Techniques used for their Forensic Examination: An Update
    1Ankita, 2Gaurav Kumar Singh  |  DOI:
A Systematic Review on Restoration of Obliterated Serial Codes from Iron and Steel Surface by Chemical Etching Process
    1Abi KS, 2Ankita, 3Gaurav Kumar Singh  |  DOI:
Microbiology as Forensic Tool in Investigation of Bioterrorism
    1Vandana Singh, 2Amit Pratap Singh Chouhan  |  DOI:
Digitopalmar Dermatoglyphic Traits in Medical and Genetic Conditions: A Potential Indicator
    1Sheetal Malhan,2Archana Khanna  |  DOI:
Forensic Optometry: A New Tool for Forensic Identification
    1Paramita Deb, 2Jaskaran Singh, 3Anshu Nanda, 4Karan Sing  |  DOI:
Impact of Degradation of Blood Samples on RNA, DNA and HB: A Review
    1Anjali Malik, 2Sally Lukose, 3Ishika Bhardwaj  |  DOI:
Establishing Individuality using Palatal Rugae
    1Ishika Bhardwaj, 2Sally Lukose, 3Anjali Malik  |  DOI:
Effect of Nicotine on Haematological Parameters in Healthy Population: A Review Literature
    1Sumedha Rabra, 2Meenakshi Verma  |  DOI:
Cognitive Impairment and Dementia in Frontal Lobe Syndrome Leading to Violent Behaviour: A Review Literature
    Apoorva Tiwari  |  DOI:
Significance of Medical Imaging in Forensic Science
    Amit Pratap Singh Chouhan  |  DOI:
Impact of Physical Activity on Forensic Psychiatric patients: A Rehabilitative Approach
    1Aafreen, 2Rita Sharma,3Meenakshi Sharma,4Bhavna Sharma  |  DOI:
Smoking: A Toxic Influence in Young Adult Population: A Retrospective Study
    1Rita Sharma, 2Aafreen, 3Sumedha Rabra, 4Ritika Indoria  |  DOI:
DNA Technology as Forensic Tool in Advancing Justice
    1Lovepreet Kaur, 2Shivani Guleria Sharma  |  DOI:
Entomotoxicological Studies: A Review Report
    1Usha Sisodia, 2Sally Lukose  |  DOI:
Psychological Profiling: A Tailored Forensic Investigation
    1Kavaljit Kour, 2Ekampreet Kaur, 3Salwinder Kaur, 4Jaskaran Singh  |  DOI:
A Recent Advancement in Techniques for Investigating Cybercrimes, Digital Crimes and Audio Forensics
    1Abhinav Singh, 2Sally Lukose  |  DOI:
Perspective of Entomotoxicology in Forensic Investigations: A Critical Review
    1Jasmeet Kaur, 2Ekampreet Kaur, 3Tilak Raj  |  DOI:
Microbial Forensic: An Update on Advancement and its Applications
    1Amit Roy, 2Amrapali Dasgupta  |  DOI:
Evolution of New Emerging Multimedia Tools for Crime Scene Sketching: A Review Literature
    1Vipin Sharma, 2Bhavna Sharma, 3Meenakshi Verma  |  DOI:
Forensic Psychological Investigations for Corporates: A Case Study
    Deepti Puranik, 2Rukmani Krishnamurthy  |  DOI:
Death due to Asphyxia: A Forensic Prognosis
    Abhinav Singh  |  DOI:
Occupational Stress: A Descriptive Study among Forensic Professionals
    Ritika Indoria1, Amarjyoti Nayak2, Rita Sharma3  |  DOI: