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  Volume 5, Number 1, Jan -June 2019
Original Article
Bacteriological Profile and Antibiogram of Isolates from Burn Ward in A Tertiary Care Hospital
    ajbhiyeMR!,ChincholarVV,MangalarM'.Puri BuryawanshiM  |  10.21088/jmrr.2395.6623.5119.1
Comparison between Lactophenol Cotton Blue and Iodine Glycerol for Identification of Fungal Elements in Clinical Samples
    Seematai Prakash Katole1, Halgarkar Charushila Sheshrao2, Nilekar Sandeep Laxmikant3  |  10.21088/jmrr.2395.6623.5119.2
Prevalance of Metallo Βeta Lactamase Producing Pseudomonas Species in Clinical Specimens from S.S.G Hospital, Vadodara
    Jignasha Tadvi1, Rachna Bhavasar2, Hiral Patel3, Atul Rukadikar4  |  10.21088/jmrr.2395.6623.5119.3
Invasive Group B Streptococcal Infection in Non-Pregnant Adult Patients in A Tertiary Care Centre
    Pampi Majumder1, Thomas S. Kuruvilla2  |  10.21088/jmrr.2395.6623.5119.4
Aerobic Bacterial Isolates from Diabetic Foot Ulcers and Their Antibiotic Susceptibility Pattern in A Tertiary Care Hospital
    Sangeetha C. Patil1, Sumathi S2, Surekha Y Asangi3, Krishna S.4  |  10.21088/jmrr.2395.6623.5119.5
Speciation and Anti-Microbial Susceptibility Pattern of Enterococcal Isolates from Various Clinical Samples with Special Reference to Vancomycin Resistance
    Siddesh KC1, Rakeshgouda Y Patil2, Halesh LH3  |  10.21088/jmrr.2395.6623.5119.6
Isolation, Characterization and Antimicrobial Susceptibility Pattern of Acinetobacter Species in Various Clinical Samples
    Santosh Mahadevrao Mangalkar1, Shital Subhash Rathi2, Vijaykumar Virshetty Chincholkar3  |  10.21088/jmrr.2395.6623.5119.7
Vancomycin Resistance among Methicillin Resistant Staphylococci Isolated from Different Clinical Samples at Tertiary Care Hospital
    Siddesh KC1, Ashrith KC2, Halesh LH3  |  10.21088/jmrr.2395.6623.5119.8