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  Volume 4, Number 1, Jan-Apr 2018
Original Article
Intra Operative and Post Operative Complications in SICS Patients with Poorly Dilating Pupil
    Taklikar Anupama R.*, Sajjanshetty Sheshank V.**  |
Dry Eye Syndrome in Type II Diabetic Patients Attending A Medical College Teaching Hospital
    Gnanajyothi C. Bada*, Satish S. Patil**  |
Clinical Presentation and outcome in Cases of Orbit Lymphoma: A Prospective Interventional Study
    Hymavathi Bommisetti*, Rajitha Kondam**  |
Clinical Profile and Management Outcomes of Infectious Keratitis in a Tertiary Eye Care Hospital
    M. Meera Alias Devasena*, Sujatha Mohan**, Mohan Rajan**, Bina John**  |
Optical (Partial Optical Coherence Interferometry) (AL-Scan) versus Ultrasound Biometry (A-Scan) for IOL Power Calculation: A Comparative Study
    Rajitha Kondam*, Latha Gundlapally**, Ravi Kumar Reddy***  |
Prevalence of Ocular Morbidity among Children in Orphanages around Hubli, North Karnataka
    Savitha Kanakpur*, Rupeshkumar Rakhonde**, Jyothikala Pattar**, Roshan H.S.**  |
Awareness of Eye Donation in the Rural Population of North Karnataka
    Taklikar Anupama R.*, Ayisha Afreen**  |
Incidence and Outcome of Bilateral Rhegmatogenous Retinal Detachment in a Tertiary Eye Hospital in South India: A Retrospective Study
    Aliya Sultana*, Tanveer Fathima**  |