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  Volume 2, Number 2, July - December 2016
Original Article
Clinical Evaluation of Management of Amblyopia in Adolescent Age Group (10-19 Years) with Addition of Citicoline to the Conventional Occlusion Therapy
    Aparajita Chaudhary*, Satya Prakash Singh**  |  DOI:
Comparison of Mydriatic Efficacy of Homatropine and Xylocaine as Single and Combined Therapy
    Sandhya Ramachandran*, Isha Gupta**  |  DOI:
Knowledge and Awareness of Glaucoma in Final year Medical Students
    Sandhya Ramachandran*, Abhilasha Sinha**  |  DOI:
How Anti-Vegfs have Changed the Management of Retinal Diseases
    Sanjiv Kumar Gupta  |  DOI:
Diagnosis and Management of a Case of Charles Bonnet Syndrome
    Hemanta Dutta*, Soumik Sengupta**  |  DOI: