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  Volume 5, Number 2, Jul-Dec 2017
Original Article
Genetic diversity studies in coconut
    Thanga Hemavathy  |
Effect of feeding seabuckthorn cake (hippophae l.) on egg production and egg quality in poultry birds
    V.K. Sharma*, Rana Divya**, Wadhwa Daisy***, Hasanuzzaman Md.****  |
Effect of supplementation of probiotics on the performance of milk yield and economics of dairy cattle
    Kumar Satendra*, Kumar Brajendu**  |
Effect of dietary replacement of protein with seabuckthorn products alone and in combination on the performance of broiler birds
    Mushtaq Musrat*, Sharma V.K.**, Daisy Rani***, Sharma Arun****  |
Review Article
Implication of functional ingredients of goat milk to develop functional foods
    Meena Goswami*, S.K. Bharti*, Anita Tewari**, Heena Sharma***, Karunakara K.N.****, Tanveer Khanam****  |