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  Volume 9, Number 3, September – December 2021
Original Article
Development of value added Bread using Amala Pomace Powder and its Nutritional Evaluation
    Keshav B Kamaliya1, R L Rajput2, Devesh H Patel3  |
Review Article
Quercetin: A Versatile Flavonoid Antioxidant
    A S Desai1, A S Mohite2, D I Pathan3, S T Sharangdher4, J M Koli5, Charles S Brennan6, Margaret A Brennan7, S S Sawant8, V V V Vishwasrao9  |
A Review: Emotions Modulations and Loss of Control eating in Individual Obesity
    Mubina Jamadar1, Sharmeen Sardar2, Khan Mohammed Zaid3, Abdul Kadir Poonawala4  |