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  Volume 3, Number 2, May-Aug 2015
Original Article
Nutrient Adequacy of Adult Males Belonging to Rural Areas of Ludhiana District (Punjab)
    Singla Neerja*, Sadana Balwinder**, Singla Priya***  |  DOI:
Impact of Nutrition Education on Hemoglobin Levels of 6 to 18 Months Infants
    Shivani Lodha*, Vandana Bharti**  |  DOI:
A Study on Health Status of Female Employees Working in Call Centre
    Shivani Sharma*, Vandana Bharti**  |  DOI:
Impact of Dietary Intervention on Nutritional Status of Rural School Children
    Kaur Jasmine*, Sadana Balwinder**, Singla Neerja***  |  DOI:
Impact of E-Counseling on Nutrient Consumption of Female Employees Working in a Call Centre
    Shivani Sharma*, Vandana Bharti**  |  DOI:
Review Article
Health Benefits of Vegetarian Foods against Oxidative Stress and its Harmful Effect: A Review
    Prajapati Minaxi R.*, Kamaliya Keshav B.**  |  DOI:
Notes and News
Dietary and Nutritional Interventions for Chronic Pain: Exploring the Behavioral Perspective
    Nisha Rani Jamwal*, Kumar Senthil P.**  |  DOI: