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  Volume 4, Number 2, Jul-Dec 2017
Original Article
Using Fallout Cs-137 and Be-7 to Assess Soil Erosion and the Effectiveness of Soil Conservation Measures in Ea Kao Catchment of Vietnam
    Trinh Cong Tu  |  DOI:
Effect of Tillage Options on Productivity, Profitability and Quality of Forage Crops under Food-Fodder Based Cropping System in Mollisols
    Mahendra Singh Pal*, Y.P. Joshi**  |  DOI:
Defining Viable Population Density in Tea (Camellia L. Spp.) New Clearings
    V. Ranganathan  |  DOI:
Effect of Seed Rates and Nitrogen Levels on Green Fodder Yield and Quality of Teosinte (Euchlaena Mexicana Schrad)
    Mahendra Singh Pal*, Avadesh Kumar**, Y.P. Joshi***  |  DOI:
Calcium in Soils and its Relevance to Tea Cultivation
    V. Ranganathan  |  DOI: