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  Volume 3, Number 2, July - December 2016
Original Article
Productivity, Economics and Quality of Baby Corn (Zea mays L.) Under Different Planting Geometries and Nutrient Management Practices in Indo- Gangetic Plains of India
    Mahendra Singh Pal, Dilkhush Meena  |  DOI:
Review Article
Physiologycal Responses of Rice Crop to Water Deficit and Water Excess Conditions
    Larbeen Teronpi, Bhagawan Bharali  |  DOI:
Soil Health Card: A Boon for the Indian Farmers
    Hanuman Prasad Parewa*, Lokesh Kumar Jain*, Gopal Ramdas Mahajan**, B.S. Bhimawat*  |  DOI:
Micro-Climate Requirements for Tea (Camellia L. SSP) Bushes in Fields
    V. Ranganathan  |  DOI:
Evolution of Plant Nutrition (Manuring ) Concepts
    V. Ranganathan  |  DOI:
Tree-Crop Interactions in Agroforestry Systems
    Ravi Kiran  |  DOI: