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  Volume 3, Number 1, January - June 2017
Original Article
Economics of Agri-Horti Base Farming System in Maharashtra
    D.B. Yadav*, J.T. Dorge**, D.J. Sanap**  |
Isolation of Malassezia Infection from a Otitis Case of Dog
    Deepika Kumari G.*, Ramani Pushpa R.N.**, Greeshma Ann J.***  |
Review Article
Antioxidant and Anticancer Efficacy of Fruits
    Akash Sharma*, Manish Bakshi**, Vikas Sharma***, Navneet Kour****, Divya Sharma*****  |
Hunger, Poverty and Silence: The Synergy of Danger and Dereliction in the Social Ecology of India
    S.K. Acharya  |
Role of Lipid Per-Oxidation in Quality Aspects of Muscle Foods during Storage
    Sanjay Kumar Bharti*, Anita*, B. Sharma*, M.G. Awasthi*, A. Chappalwar*, P. Singh**  |
Neonatal & Young Calf Managemental Strategies under Changing Climatic Scenerio
    D.N. Singh*, R. Sirohi*, Y. Singh*, Ajay Kumar*, Mamta*, P.K. Shukla**  |
An overview of Poultry Breeding Plan in India
    P.K. Shukla*, Sujit Nayak**  |