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  Volume 2, Number 1, January-June 2016
Original Article
Economics of Production and Processing of Seabuckthorn Value-added Products Commercialization of Sea buckthorn in Cold Desert Himalayas
    D.R. Thakur*, Viredra Singh**  
Use of Mobile Phone in Indian Agriculture
    Mithilesh Verma*, Videsh Kumar Verma**, Swati Singh***  
Problems Face of Women Farmers in Agriculture
    Mithilesh Verma*, Videsh Kumar Verma**, Swati Singh***  
Light Management in Broilers: An Overview
    R. Sirohi*, Y. Singh*, D.N. Singh* , Ajay*, A. Bhattacharya**, P.K. Shukla***  
Re-visiting National Dairy Policy in the Light of Indian Dairy Sector
    Shiv Raj Singh*, K.K. Datta**  
Review Article
Precision Animal Nutrition (PAN): A Way to Sustainable Dairy Production
    Vaswani Shalini*, Shukla. P.K.**  
Neutrigenomics: A Novel Tools for Livestock and Poultry Health, Production & Nutrition
    D.N. Singh*, Y. Singh*, Ajay Kumar*, Mamta*, A. Bhattacharyya**, P.K. Shukla***  
Asexual Propagation Techniques: Novel Approach for Raising Quality Planting Material of Guava
    Akash Sharma*, V.K. Wali**, Sohnika Rani***, Nirmal Sharma*  
Role of Biosensors in the Field of Veterinary Practice
    Ambika Sharma  
Bioterrorism: Significance in Livestock Production and Bio-Security Measures
    D.N. Singh*, Y. Singh*, R. Sirohi*, Ajay*, A. Bhattacharya**, P.K. Shukla***  
Green Biotechnology and Scope of Genetically modified Crops: Facts and Prejudices
    Sharma Barkha*, Bharti S.K.**, Anita***, Parul****