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  Volume 9, Number 4, October-December 2020
Original Article
Study of Sex Chromatin in Primary Amenorrhoea Patients and their First Degree Relatives
    Isha Jaiswal1, A P Kasote2, M P Fulpatil3, A D Patil4  |
Morpho–Metrical and Stereological Analysis of Human Fetal Kidney During Mid-Gestation Period Ranging from 12th to 35th Weeks to Study Growth Pattern of Kidney in Qualitative and Quantitative Aspects
    Kirti Sudhakarrao Solanke1, Rajan Bhatnagar2, Boruah Dibyajyoti3, Tandon Aseem4  |
Study of Anatomical Variations in Suprascapular Notch and Its Clinical Importance in Nerve Entrapment
    Kumari Suman1, Anjali Prasad2, Binod Kumar3  |
Clinical Anatomy of The Superficial Peroneal
    Narendra A Patil1, Mohammed Khaleel Ahmed2  |
Differential Pattern in Course and Origin of Pancreatico Duodenal Arteries
    Suresh Babu K1, Mithil Potuganti2  |
One Minute Preceptor Method for Teaching Histology: An Efficient Tool
    Poorwa Baburao Kardile1, Jaideo Manohar Ughade2, Mohammad Aneesur Rahman3  |
Review Article
Pineal Gland, Some Secrecy Yet to Clear Towards its Metaphysical Connection: A Review Study
    Dhanesh Kumar Sharma  |