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  Volume 7, Number 1, Jan-Feb 2018
Original Article
Congenital Heart Defects and Non-Cardiac Malformations in Patients with Normal Karyotype
    Preetha Tilak1, Sonia Dhawan2, Sayee Rajangam3  |  DOI:
A Morphometric Study of Nutrient foramen of Tibia in East Godavari Region
    Khalkho Anupam1, Arjilli Vamsy2  |  DOI:
Dimension of Trachea on Various Parameters in Male and Female Cadavers from Western Maharashtra, India
    Avantika Bamne  |  DOI:
Role of Anatomy Dissection in This Digital Era: A Cross Sectional Study on Medical Students Perceptions
    Navgire Varsha R.1, Gaikawad Jyoti R.2, Gangane Suresh D.3  |  DOI:
Study of Correlation of Foot Length and Foot Breadth with Stature in Humans
    Methepatil Supriya Sarjerao1, Herekar N.G.2  |  DOI:
A Morphometric Study of Anterior Clinoid Process and its Surgical Importance
    Mubeena Shaikh1, Manohar Pribhidas2, Reshma Muhamed3, Honnegowda T.M.4  |  DOI:
Metric Study of Mastoid Triangle for Sexual Dimorphism
    P.R. Chavan1, S.L. Sarda2, S.A. Dope3  |  DOI:
Femoral Neck Torsion: A Study of Adult Dry Femoral Bones
    Kanani Sanjay Kumar D.1, Shah Ritesh K.2, Tolani Jayshree3, Patel Nirav M.4, Patel Bharat G.5  |  DOI:
Study of the Morphometrics of Fibula for Nutrient Foramina and Its Variations in Indian Population
    Deepak N. Kawale1, Shivaji B. Sukre2  |  DOI:
A Study on Incidence of Caroticoclinoid Foramen
    Sivakumar M.  |  DOI:
Histopathological Evaluation of Cervix in Symptomatic Tribal Women of Jharkhand
    Sudha Rani1, Govind Kumar Gupta2, Supriya Dhaboo3, Bhoopendra Singh4  |  DOI:
Morphometric Study and Variations in Plantaris Muscle
    M.A. Rahman1, Syed Abrarullah Hussaini2  |  DOI:
Morphometric Analysis on Renal Development According to Weight in Aborted Fetus
    Abraham Ratna Joseph Nayakanti1, Srinivasan K.R.2, Subhadra Devi Velichety3, Koteswary R.4  |  DOI:
A Study on Bifurcation of Brachial Artery in South Indian Population (Tamil Nadu and Puducherry)
    Vijisha Phalgunan1, Anandaramajayan Nallathambi2  |  DOI:
Anthropometric Measurements of Hypertensive Patients with Special Emphasis on Facial Features
    Pradeep Bokariya1, Rutuja Bhongle2, Ruchi Kothari3, Jyoti Jain4, Mrinmayee Debbarma5, M.R. Shende6  |  DOI:
Study of Variations in Branching Pattern of Renal Arteries
    Siraj Ahmed Shirbadgi1, Vijay Kumar Shinde2  |  DOI:
Dermatoglyphics: A Diagnostic Tool
    T.M. Sucharitha1, S.V. Phanindra2  |  DOI:
Review Article
Lateral Pterygoid Muscle
    Brijendra Singh  |  DOI:
Disse and his Space
    Arráez-Aybar La1, Aller Ma2, Arias J.2, Mérida-Velasco Jr1.  |  DOI: