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  Volume 6, Number 2, April - June 2017
Original Article
A Study of Variations in Number of Pulmonary Veins and Their Openings into Left Atrium and Its Clinical Implications
    Daksha Dixit*, Santosh Kumar Majhi**, Sanjay Kumar Yadav***, R.D. Virupaxi****  |
A Study of Origin of Right and Left Coronary Arteries in Human Cadaveric Heart
    Madhavi B. Ramteke*, Charulata A. Satpute**, Ashish V. Radke*, Sonal A. Talokar*, Yogesh S. Ganorkar*  |
Point of Vulnerability of Facial Nerve during Mastoid Surgery in Indian Patients
    Rashmi Malhotra*, Manu Malhotra**  |
Study of Variations of Median Nerve in the Arm: Its Embryological and Clinical Correlation
    Rohini M.*, Prajakta Kishve**  |
Morphological Study of Sacralisation of Fifth Lumbar Vertebra and Its Clinical Relevance
    Roopali D. Nikumbh*, Anjali N. Wanjari**, Dhiraj B. Nikumbh***  |
A Study on the Aortic Valves in Indian Population
    Rosemol Xaviour*, Rajendraprasad V.K.**  |
Morphological Study of Sphenoid Sinus and its Relation with Surrounding Neurovascular Structures
    Sowmya S.*, Vinitha G.*  |
Evaluation of Gestational Age by Using Fetal Biparietal Diameter in Second and Third Trimester on Ultrasonography
    Vaishali V. Inamdar*, Varsha R. Pande**  |
Anatomical Study of Inferior Phrenic Artery from Coeliac Trunk with its Developmental Aspects
    Vinitha G.*, Sowmya S.*  |
Study of Palmar Dermatoglyphics in Patients of Coronary Artery Disease in Bidar (North Karnataka)
    Amit Singh Bharati*, Usha C.*, Surya Kumari N.**  |
Study of Upper Facial Index in Adult Indian Skulls
    Dhanwate Anant Dattatray*, Dope Santoshkumar Ankushrao**  |
Optimizing Phenol-Chloroform Extraction Method for Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) Genomic DNA Isolation from Fresh Cervical Tissue
    B.R. Sontakke*, P. Ambulkar**, S. Talhar*, J.E. Waghmare***, Poonam Varma Shivkumar****, V.B. Shivkumar*****, A.K. Pal******  |
Study of Course of Median Nerve in Forearm and Its Termination
    Channabasanagouda*, Manjunath Halagatti**  |
Estimation of the Body Stature from Length of Ulna
    Dattatray Digambarrao Dombe*, Dope Santoshkumar A.**  |
Determination of Safe Zone of Median Nerve in the Carpal Tunnel, using Radial Styloid Process and the Medial-Most Point at the Lower End of Ulna
    Mehrishi Soumya*, Sharma Hina**, Kattimuthu Prabhakaran***  |
To Study the Demographic Data of the Body Donation in a Tertiary Care Hospital
    Mahendrakar Madhuri A.*, Hattangdi Shanta S.**  |
Histology: Perception and Attitude of First Year MBBS Students
    Pushpa Burute*, Suruchi Singhal*  |
Correlation of Combined Adrenal Weight to Body Weight in Indian Fetuses
    Rucha Kulkarni  |
A Study on the Measurement of Follicular Diameter of Female Thyroid in Population of Lower Assam
    Mishmee Paul*, Santosh Kumar Sahu*  |
Study of Anatomy as a Career
    Sharadkumar Pralhad Sawant*, Shaheen Rizvi**  |
A Study of Bilateral Asymmetry and Sexual Dimorphism of Hip Joint Bones of Pune Region Cadavers
    Shital S. Maske*, Anjali D. Patil**, Pratima B. Ahire  |
Reliability of Foot Length in Prediction of Stature
    Shradha Iddalgave*, Nagesh Kuppast**, Sharanabasappa S. Dhanwadkhar***, Syed Mohammad Afnan****, Ashwinikumari N.B.***  |
Study of Abnormal Origin of Subclavian Artery
    Talokar Sonal A.*, Satpute Charulata A.**  |
Study of Femoral Artery & Its Deep Branches in Femoral Triangle
    Sowmya S.*, Priya Ranganath**  |
Morphological Characteristics of Human Mandible: A Guide for Sexing of Mandible
    Gunwant R. Chaudhari*, Bipinchandra Khade**, Vaibhav P. Anjankar**  |
Study of Fingertip Patterns in Oral Submucus Fibrosis Associated with Chronic Gutkha Chewing
    Nilima P. Patil*, Sudhir V. Bhise**  |
Study of Total Finger Ridge Count (TFRC) and ‘ATD’Angle in Patients of Coronary Artery Disease in Bidar
    Amit Singh Bharati*, Usha C.*, Surya Kumari N.**  |
Variation in Site of Origin of Inferior Phrenic Arteries
    Prajkta Ashok Thete*, Mehra Bhoir**, M.V. Ambiye***  |
Sexual Dimorphism of Degree of Carrying Angle in South Indian Population
    Thejeshwari H.G.*, Makandar U.K.**, Rajendra***, Samruddi Puri*  |
Sexual Dimorphism of Height in Adults of South Indian Population
    Thejeshwari H.G.*, Makandar U.K.**, Rajendra***  |
Use and Misuse of Epidermal Nerve Fiber Density for Assessment and Treatment of Peripheral Nerve Function and Dysfunction
    Senthil P. Kumar  |