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  Volume 6, Number 1, January - March 2017
Original Article
Combination of Didactic Lecture with Problem Based Learning Sessions in Anatomy
    Vaishali V. Inamdar*, Gourav Dadarao Thakre**  |  DOI:
Characterization and Dimensions of Human Occipital Condyle
    Tale Archana K.*, Fupare Santosh S.**, Moosa Shajiya S.***  |  DOI:
A Study of Range of Motion of Temporomandibular Joint in Adult Population of Western Rajasthan
    Charu Taneja  |  DOI:
Morphometric Study of Anterior Horn of Lateral Ventricle of Brain and Its Correlation with Age, Gender and Side: A CT Study
    Rathod Pranjali U.*, Bhoir Mehera**  |  DOI:
Neural Tube Defects with Exencephaly in Human Fetus
    Meshram Pritee M.*, Gole Ravikiran*, Hattangdi Shanta S.**  |  DOI:
Morphometric Measurement of Anteversion of Femur in South Indian Populations
    Roy Tapati*, Nene Ajay R.**  |  DOI:
Accessory Foramina Transversaria in Cervical Vertebrae: SurgicoClinical Significance
    Panchal Padamjeet*, Prasad Bheem*, Singh Shilpa**  |  DOI:
Learning with Concept Maps versus Classical Lecture and Demonstration Methods in regards to Gross Anatomy of Knee Joint: A Comparison
    Mahindra Kumar Anand*, T.C. Singel**  |  DOI:
The Study of Anomalous Origin of Flexor Carpi Radialis Muscle
    Shweta Solan  |  DOI:
Determination of Sex from Upper End of Humerus
    Savita Kadam(Khiste)*, Suvarna Gulanikar**, Smita Shinde**, Gautam Shroff***  |  DOI:
A Study on the Shape of Sella Turcica
    Swapna R. Chavan*, A.S. Katti**, N.G. Herekar***  |  DOI:
A Study of Embryological Basis of Variations of Renal Vessels
    Suma Dnyanesh*, Dnyanesh D.K.**, Daksha Dixit***, S.P. Desai****  |  DOI:
Cadaveric Study on Papillary Muscles of Human Tricuspid Valve
    Kirti Chaudhary*, Monalisa Roy**, Mahesh Shinde***  |  DOI:
Morphometric and Topographic Study of Nutrient Foramina of Fibula
    Shubhangi R. Mutyal*, Nagaraja V. Pai*  |  DOI:
A Morphometric Study of the Proximal End of Tibia in North East Karnataka Population with Its Clinical Implication
     Sandeep. S. Malegaonkar*, Dhananjai B. Naik**, Sidra Shireen***  |  DOI:
Letter to Editor
Ultrastructural Characteristics of Peripheral Nerves in Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy: Is There a Structure-Function InterRelationship
    Senthil P. Kumar  |  N/A