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  Volume 5, Number 2, May-Aug 2016
Original Article
Effect of Body Mass Index on Bone Mineral Density in Obese Person
    Anupama Chauhan*, R. Fulzele.**, S. Rawlani***  |  DOI:
Digit Ratio and the Age of Occurrence of Myocardial Infarction
    Mutalik Ashwini Mohan Rao*, Hanji Chandrashekhar Veerabhadrappa*  |  DOI:
Study of Digit Ratio and its Relation with Cognitive Ability in Children
    Mutalik Ashwini Mohan Rao*, Begum Naseema**  |  DOI:
Study on the Variation of Branching Pattern of Arch of Aorta in Cadavers of North Maharashtra
    Santosh V. Shinde*, Prashant Bhusari**, Dinesh Kathe*, Kushal Shukla***, Karan Khairnar***, Manisha Rajale***  |  DOI:
A Cadaveric Study of Renal Artery in North Indian Population: Its Clinical Implications
    Ambica Wadhwa*, Sandeep Soni**, Avjot K. Miglani***  |  DOI:
Incidence of Complete Ossification of the Superior Transverse Scapular Ligament of Human Dry Scapulae in Maharashtrian Population
    Kirti Chaudhary*, Mahesh Shinde**, Ashwini Jadhav***  |  DOI:
A Novel and Innovative Teaching Tool Using Low-Cost Luminal Cast Plastination of the Trachea-Bronchial Tree
    Fatima M. DeSouza*, Prashant E. Natekar**, Nandini M. Karapurkar***  |  DOI:
Variation in the Relation of Recurrent Laryngeal Nerve to the Inferior Thyroid Artery: A Cadaveric Study
    Megha Saknure*, Charulata Satpute**, Chandrashekhar Waghmare***  |  DOI:
A Study of Growth Pattern in Males and Females at Various Age Groups from Satara District of Maharashtra State
    Sumedh G. Sonavane*, Rupali R. Yadav**, Dadasaheb D. Pawar***  |  DOI:
A Morphometric Study of the Glenoid Cavity of the Scapula
    Azhar Ahmed Siddiqui*, Zuberi Hussain Riyaz**  |  DOI:
Morphological Study of Caecum with Its Arterial Supply in Adult Cadavers and Dead Fetuses
    Surya Kumari N.*, Usha C.*, Srinivas C.H.**  |  DOI:
Morphometric Analysis of Dry Adult Human Mandibular Ramus
    Deepa G.*, Shrikrishna B.H.**  |  DOI:
A Study of Morphology of Psoas Minor Muscle in Human Cadavers
    Shilpa Bhimalli*, Daksha Dixit**, S.P. Desai***, Amit Magdum****, Sheetal Pattanshetti****  |  DOI:
Review Article
Cadaveric Oath and Its Relevance for Students of Anatomy
    Sharadkumar P. Sawant*, Shaheen Rizvi**  |  DOI:
Case Report
Variation of the Left Gastric and Right Inferior Phrenic Arteries: Its Clinical Implication
    Surekha Dilip Jadhav*, Balbhim Ramchandra Zambare**  |  DOI:
    Santoshkumar Dope  |  DOI:
Nerve Blood Flow in Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy- Revisiting the ‘Vasa Nervorum’ Hypothesis
    Senthil P. Kumar  |  DOI: