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  Volume 4, Number 3, Sep-Dec 2015
Original Article
A Morphometric Study of the Right Atrioventricular Valve in Cadavers
    Lata Munde*,P.S. Bhuiyan**  |  DOI: 10.21088/ija.2320.0022.4315.1
Palmar Main Line Terminations and Position of ‘t’ Triradius in Primary Epilepsy
    Col Mohanlal K.*, Vatsala Swamy P.**, Bhanu B. V.***  |  DOI: 10.21088/ija.2320.0022.4315.2
Estimation of Gestational Age by Real Time Ultrasonography (Biparietal Diameter and Head Circumference) to Estimate the Fetal Morphometry in IInd and IIIrd Trimester
    Sangeeta Khare*, Manik Chatterjee**, Bichitrananda Roul***,Hulesh Mandle****  |  DOI: 10.21088/ija.2320.0022.4315.3
Incidence of Skeletal Deformities in the Male Population of Some North Indian Districts
    Col Sushil Kumar**,Col B. K. Mishra*  |  DOI: 10.21088/ija.2320.0022.4315.4
Pineal Gland’ Still a Bit of Mystery: An Escort Study
    D.K. Sharma*, Vandana Sharma**, Bikash C. Satapathy***, Manisha B. Sinha****, A.U. Siddiqui****, Soumitra Trivedi****, Mrithunjay Rathore****  |  DOI: 10.21088/ija.2320.0022.4315.5
Cadaveric Study of the Adult Human Brachial Artery
    Dipti A. Nimje*, Harish A. Wankhede**, P.B. Hosmani***, M.M. Baig****  |  DOI: 10.21088/ija.2320.0022.4315.6
Relationship between Real Time Ultrasonographic Measurement of Placental Thickness and Biparietal Diameter for Estimation of Gestational Age of Fetus
    Natwar Lal Agrawal  |  DOI: 10.21088/ija.2320.0022.4315.7
A Cadaveric Study of Anatomical Variations in the Thyroid Gland
    Deepa G.*,Shrikrishna B.H.**  |  DOI: 10.21088/ija.2320.0022.4315.8
Newer Technologies to Teach Basic Sciences
     Sharadkumar Pralhad Sawant*,Anupama M. Chauhan**, Shaheen Rizvi***  |  DOI: 10.21088/ija.2320.0022.4315.9
Case Report
Transposition of External and Internal Carotid Arteries: Clinical Significance
    S. D. Jadhav*,B. R. Zambare**  |  DOI: 10.21088/ija.2320.0022.4315.10