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  Volume 4, Number 1, Jan-Apr 2015
Original Article
Study of Transverse Diameter of Lumbar Vertebral Body and Spinal Canal in Maharashtra Region
    Kamble Yallawa* Kulkarni Pramod**, Mudiraj Nitin***  |  DOI: 10.21088/ija.2320.0022.4115.1
Assessment of Gestational Age of Fetus by Real Time Ultra Sonographic Measurement of Placental Thickness
    Natwar L. Agrawal  |  DOI: 10.21088/ija.2320.0022.4115.2
Application of Multimedia Design Principle in Learning Anatomy and Physiology
    Ingole A.*Dope Santosh kumar A.**, Bahattare V.***, Chaware S****  |  DOI: 10.21088/ija.2320.0022.4115.3
3D Anatomy: Implication For Teachers
    Col B. K. Mishra* ,Col Sushil Kumar**  |  DOI: 10.21088/ija.2320.0022.4115.4
Case Report
Natal Teeth : A Rare Case Report
    Brijendra Singh*,Renu Gupta**, Dushyant Agrawal***, Prerna Thareja****, Ritu Singh*****  |  DOI: 10.21088/ija.2320.0022.4115.5
Lingual Thyroid - A Rare Clinical Entity
    Kalpana V. Patil*,Pratima Kulkarni**, Chhaya Diwan***,  |  DOI: 10.21088/ija.2320.0022.4115.6
Lobes of Wrisberg –A Case Report with Clinical Correlations
    Sajan Skaria*  |  DOI: 10.21088/ija.2320.0022.4115.7