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  Volume 3, Number 3, July - September 2014
Original Article
A Study of Buccal Mucosa of Smokers to Detect Precancerous Lesions
    Daksha Dixit, T.C. Singel, Shyambabu Rauniyar, S.M. Bhimalli  
Study of Congenital Malformations in Central Nervous System in Newborns
    Savaskar Shakira V., Mundada S., Bhaisare Kiran B., Gajbhiye Sonal F.  
Morphometric Study of Sacral Hiatus in Dry Human Sacra of Maharashtra Region
    Joshi Uttama, Nitin Mudiraj, Dhobale Manisha  
Morphological Anatomy of Splenic Artery and its Clinical Implications
    Bhivate Varsha R., Kharate Rahul P., Ujjawal Narpatsingh, Gaikwad Jyoti R.  
Case Report
Anomalous Origin of Sural Nerve: A Case Report
    V.B. Bhagwat, Y.K. Karnewar, D.S. Joshi, A.K. Prasad, S.S. Dhapate  
Bilateral Abnormal Origin of Radial Artery From 3rd Part of Axillary Artery: A Case Report
    M.B. Saknure, M.P. Parchand, C.A. Satpule, S.A. Talokar, A.M. Wahane  
An Unusual Presentation of a Huge Cervical Fibroid
    Bhaurao Yadav, Raviraj Tiruke, Priyanka Vhatkar  
Absent Median Lobe of Thyroid Gland
    Sushil Kumar, R.K. Zargar