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  Volume 3, Number 1, January - March 2014
Original Article
An Objective Structured Practical Examination to Test Undergraduate Medical Students in Anatomy
    Shilpa Bhimalli, Daksha Dixit, Mahantesh Siddibhavi, Sheetal Pattanshetti  
Morphological Study of Human Fetal Kidney during Mid Gestational Period
    Suvarna A. Gulanikar, A.R. Kharkar, G.A. Shroff  
A Study of Cranial Capacity and Cranial Index for Sex Determination in Indian Skull
    Ghule Shubhangi B., Mahajan Amrut A., Ambali M.P.  
Redeeming of Dissection an Evolving a Strategy to Bring in Objectivity and Uniformity in Practical Examination in Anatomy
    Sushil Kumar, R.K. Zargar  
Study of the Articular Facet on the Superior Surface of the Calcaneum
    Pradeep K. Pawar, Pushpa Potaliya, Abhilasha Dadhich  
Implementing Change in Teaching Methodology Based on Student’s Feed Back: A Study
    A. Ananda Sagari, Seema Madan  
Glutaraldehyde: A New Embalming Chemical Composition for Preservation of Cadavers for Innovative Surgical Procedures
    P.E.Natekar, F.M. DeSouza  
Case Report
Pregnancy in the Rudimentary Horn of Uterus at 14 Weeks of Amenorrhea
    Moushmi B. Parpillewar, Santoshkumar A. Dope, Sachin V. Tadas  
Bilateral Variation in Formation of Median Nerve
    V.R. Wankhede, B.R. Sontakke, J.E. Waghmare, M.R. Shende  
Unilateral Absence of Musculocutaneous Nerve-Replaced by Median Nerve
    Teli Chandrika G., Kadlimatti H.S., V. Vijayaraghavan  
Variant Form of Axillary Arch Muscle and its Clinical Significance
    Muthiyan Gayatri G., Ambiye Medha V., Payal Kasat  
    Dr. Santoshkumar Dope