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  Volume 2, Number 2, July - December 2013
Original Article
Morphometric Assessment of the Greater Palatine Foramen with the Adjacent Anatomical Landmarks
    Abu Ubaida Siddiqui, Kusum Rajendra Gandhi, Syed Rehan Hafiz Daimi, Sudhir Saxena, Soumitra Trivedi, Manisha B. Sinha, Mrithunjay Rathore  
Vertical Orientation of Cervical Part of Vertebral Canal in the Human Foetuses
    Nidhi Sharma, Nazim Nasir, Tarun Prakash Maheshwari  
The Anatomy of Extraoral Mandibular Nerve Block
    Alipta Bhattacharya, Arpan Dey, Debjyoti Basu, Apala Bhattacharya  
Case Report
Horseshoe Kidney: A Case Presentation
    Jain S.R., Baig M.M., Pradeep Nahar  
Ossified Anterior Longitudinal Ligament in the Lumbar Region of the Vertebral Column
    Sayee Rajangam, Flossie Jayakaran  
Thoraco-Omphalopagus: A Case Study
    Tiwari Amrish, Mishra Meghana, Naik D.C.  
Variations Associated with Median Nerve and Musculocutaneous Nerve: A Case Report
    Pratima Baisakh, Chinmayee Mohapatra, Minati Patra, Bijay Kumar Dutta  
Malrotation of Left Kidney with Accessory Lower Renal Artery: A Case Report
    Ashfaq Ul Hassan, Ghulam Hassan  
Unilateral Duplication of Retromandibular Vein an Unusual Variation
    Roy Tapati, Nene Ajay R., Gude Sujatha B.