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  Volume 2, Number 1, January - June 2013
Original Article
Study of Variant Innervations of Extensor Carpi Radialis Brevis Muscle with its Clinical Importance
    Sharadkumar Pralhad Sawant  
A Study on the Vascular Foramen at the Ends of the Ulna and the Nutrient Foramen on the Ulna
    Harish A. Wankhede, P.B. Hosmani, M.M. Baig, Dipti A. Nimje  
Analysis of Dermatoglyphics in Pulmonary Tuberculosis Cases
    Karan Bhagwan Khairnar, Prashant Amanrao Bhusari  
Study of Fingertip Patterns in Idiopathic Epilepsy
    Vibhute Archana Maruti, Wanje Shilpa, Kulkarni P.R.  
Case Report
Dorsal Pancreatic Agenesis
    Dope Santoshkumar A., Selukar Mangesh S., Kombde Balaji H., P.R. Kulkarni  
Rare Variant of Right Testicular Artery: A Case Report
    Ambica Wadhwa, Sandeep Soni  
Amniotic Band: A Case Report
    Gayatri S. Chakre, S.U. Chakre, Ashwini S. Jadhav, P.R. Kulkarni  
Variant Termination of the Brachial Artery and its Clinical Importance
    Sharadkumar Pralhad Sawant, Dope Santoshkumar A.  
An Elongated Styloid Process: A Case Report
    B.R. Sontakke, P. Bokariya, J.E. Waghmare, A.M. Tarnekar, M.R. Shende  
Type-E Brachydactylous Family: Autosomal Dominant Inheritance with Variable Expression and Non-Penetrance
    N.P. Patil*, S.S. Dhapate**  
    Dr Dope Santoshkumar A