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  Volume 8, Number 1, January-June 2020
Original Article
Knowledge, Attitude and Practices of Breastfeeding among Mothers in Rural Field Practice of Chitradurga
    Bhoovanachandaran M1, Sudharani M2, Nagendragowda MR3  |
A Cross-Sectional Study on The Assessment of Empathy Among MBBS Students in a Medical College in Kerala
    John George T.1, Tessa Jose2, Jerry Rachel John3, Hemant Kumar4  |
A Cross Sectional Study of Urolithiasis Patients Coming to a Rural Hospital of South-West Rajasthan
    Nikhil Gusain1, Somendra Mohan Sharma2, Ananda B3, N Upadhyaya4  |
Fast Food Consumption Pattern and its Influencing Factors: A Cross Sectional Study Among Rural Children in Managluru, Karntaka
    Saba M Mansoor1, Hemant Kumar2, Heena Lalwani3  |