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  Volume 7, Number 2, July-December 2019
Original Article
Awareness about Climate Change among High School Students in Urban Areas of Mysuru
    Jose Jom Thomas1 Prakash B2 Praveen Kulkarni3 Krishnamurthy KV4 Narayana Murthy MR5  |  DOI:
A Study on Internet Addiction Among Medical Undergraduate Students in Shimoga, Karnataka: Cross-sectional Study
    Mohammed Imran1 Shwetha TM2 Piyanka P3 Mamatha VP4  |  DOI:
A Descriptive Study on Burden of Risk Factors of Non Communicable Diseases Among Urban Population of Shivamogga, India
    Raghavendraswamy koppad1 Kanchana Nagendra2  |  DOI:
Does BMI Plays a Role in the Association Between Salt Intake and Blood Pressure? A Cross Sectional Study Among the Rural Population of Puducherry
    Suguna Anbazhagan1 Sinthu Sarathamani2 A Surekha3 Chithra Boovaragasamy4  |  DOI:
A study on Treatment Outcome of Registered Tuberculosis Patients Under Revised National Tuberculosis Control Programme at Tuberculosis Unit, Pathan, Maharashtra
    Ravindra Y Mandolikar1 Raju Hanumant Patil2 Narendra S Madhekar3 Mahabalaraju DK4  |  DOI: