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  Volume 1, Number 2, July - December 2013
Original Article
The Problems Faced By Women during Breast Feeding: A Cross-Sectional Study
    Punyatoya Bej, D.K. Raut, Timiresh Das  
Breast Feeding Practices among Rural Mothers: A Community Based Cross Sectional Study
    Ashwini S., Katti S.M., Mallapur M.D.  
Review Article
In Era of MMR, Measles and its Factors Still Exist Round the Globe: Searching for Solution?
    Gupta S.N., Gupta N., Rana J. Singh, Chauhan H.S., Gupta S., Sharma K.N., Kumar Manoj, Chand Ramesh  
Case Report
Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Prevention of Low Back Pain: Role of Exercise Therapy
    Kumar Senthil P., Adhikari Prabha, Jeganathan, Kumar Anup  
Chronic Kidney Disease(CKD): An Emerging Health Problem
    Pandit Daksha D., Vardhan Vaishali