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  Volume 1, Number 3, Sept - Dec 2012
Original Article
Application of Evidence Based Practice in Nursing
    Ramesh Chandrababu  
Effectiveness of progressive Muscle Relaxation Technique of Pain Perception among patients who are subjected to Abdominal Surgery
    Ramesh Chandrababu  
Review Article
Assessment of the Knoweldgement and Attitude Regarding the Effects of Passive Smoking on Foetal Developement among Antenatal Mothers
    K.S. Aruna  
Effectiveness of Computer Assissted Pre-Operative Teaching on Reduction of Post Operative Complications BY Early Ambulation Among Patient Undergoing Abdominal Surgeries
    A. Maria Therese, G. Muthamizselvi  
Case Report
Case Presentation on Klatskin,s Tumour
    Leena J.