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Indian Journal of Library and Information Science

Volume  7, Issue 2, May-Aug 2013, Pages 165-171


Original Article

Application of IT Current Status of Mahatma Phule Krishi Vidyapeeth Library, Rahuri
Rupali S Sharingat Shinde PA, Ingale RN
*Research Associate, **University Librarian, ***Chief Cataloguer, University Library, Mahatma Phule Krishi Vidyapeeth, Rahuri-413722 (MS).
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The aim of this article is to know the term Information Technology and use of Information Technology in Libraries and current status of MPKV Library Rahuri. This IT study therefore scrutinizes the availability and utilization of IT in establishment of Digital Library. University library taking the best results from Information Technology with hardware like Printer, Barcode Reader, Barcode Printer, Scanners and moving toward fully computerized library. And for more benefits university library also decided to make almost all services through computers via Internet and LAN. At present e-GRANTH NAIP project is in progress with the financial assistance of ICAR, New Delhi through which AgriCat (National) and WorldCat (International) union catalogue is going to be developed.  

Keywords: Information technology (IT) - Definition; Importance; Advantages; Availability and Utilization of IT; Digital Library; e-Granth project.   

Corresponding Author : Rupali S Sharingat Shinde PA