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Indian Journal of Library and Information Science

Volume  6, Issue 3 (Supl.), Sept - Dec 2012, Pages 293-294


Original Article

Use and awareness of Electronic Mail in selected B.Ed. College Students of Gulbarga City
Syed Shah Ahmad Sarmast, Syed Shoukat Ali
*Head of the Dept of Library & Information Science, **Librarian, Deccan M. Ed, Nutana Vidyalaya Degree College, P.G Centre, S.B. Temple Road, Sangameshwar Colony, Brahampur, Gulbarga - 585 103, Karnataka.
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An attempt has been made to determine the present status of knowledge and use of electronic mail. It was observed that use of electronic mail is still inadequate among the students of B.Ed colleges of Gulbarga City . This paper presents the findings of a survey about the knowledge and use of e mail by students of B Ed colleges. For evaluating the study questions and data collection, the questionnaire was distributed to a random sample of 260 students.The result of this survey are presented and discussed in this paper. 

Keywords: E mail; Information resource; B Ed colleges. 

Corresponding Author : Syed Shah Ahmad Sarmast