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Indian Journal of Library and Information Science

Volume  5, Issue 3, October - December 2011, Pages 255-265


Review Article

Evaluation of Information Services and Facilities Offered by HKBK College of Engineering College Library: A Study on User Perspective
K.R. Mulla
Chief Librarian, HKBK College of Engineering, Bangalore 560045, Karnataka, India.
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The present study has been made analyze and interpret the user’s opinion on resources, facilities and services provided by HKBK College of Engineering (HKBKCE) library. During the preparation of this paper, an attempt was made to collect the required data from all available sources. However, sample survey method is used for the study. A simple questionnaire was formulated keeping in view of objective of the study. Questionnaires were distributed (234 students and 24 faculties) only few regular libraries visitors. There were 20 questionnaires received from faculty and 110 students. The total response rate is 92.19%.

Keywords: Library-resources, Facilities and services, HKBKCE

Corresponding Author : K.R. Mulla