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Indian Journal of Library and Information Science

Volume  5, Issue 3, October - December 2011, Pages -


Review Article

The Journal of Poultry Science: An Analysis of Citation Pattern
Enamul Haque, Bidhan Chandra Biswas
Deputy Librarian Bangladesh Agricultural University Bangladesh
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The present study covers 6554 citations appended to 229 research articles published in twenty four issues of the quarterly The Journal of Poultry Science, vol. (38-43) that is, from the year 2001-2006. The articles are contributed by 229 authors out of them 172 are Japanese contributors. Though about 93% of the work is the result of team research, the team size is found to be small ranging from 2 to 5. Of the citations, 88% relate to journal articles, 8.35 % to books, and the rest are to conference papers, reports and others. The ratio of author self citations to total number of citation is found to be almost 1:13, and the ratio of journal self citations to total citations is found to be almost 1:72.Of the citing articles 652 are single-authored, 1579 two-authored, 1634 three-authored, 1237 four-authored, 751 five-authored and 701 more than five-authored. It is also observed that majority of the documents were used by the research scholars 4318 (65.88%) published not more than 20 years ago.

Keywords: Citation, Citation analysis, Poultry Science. 

Corresponding Author : Enamul Haque