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Indian Journal of Library and Information Science

Volume  3, Issue 2, May - August 2009, Pages 97-102


Review Article

Role of UGC in Human Resource Development Library Professionals
Purushothama Gowda M.
Sr. Asst. Librarian, Mangalore University Library Mangalore University, Mangalaganhgotri-574 199, Karnataka
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Defines the term human ‘resource/manpower’ from the  managerial and general point of view . Highlights the role  of human resource in achieving the goals of the library by effectively and efficiently utilizing the other physical resources. Discusses the importance and need of human resource development in the emerging context of ICT and LPG, especially in the LICs of higher education institutions. Also highlights the various aspects of training and development of LIS professionals to suit the today’s changing requirements of the environment. Finally discusses the role of UGC and INFLIBNET in training and development of library staff. Further discusses the various bodies and committees constituted by the UGC to promote the quality of services of the LICs and their implication upon the human resource development in the LICs.

Corresponding Author : Purushothama Gowda M.