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Indian Journal of Library and Information Science

Volume  3, Issue 1, January - April 2009, Pages 11-19


Original Article

Nigerian Banks Uses of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and Its Impact on Products and Services: Case Study of Some Selected Banks in Ebonyistate, Nigeria
*Tella Adeyinka, **Attama R. Okechukwu, ***Owolabi K. Abayomi
*Department of Library and Information Studies, Faculty of Humanities, University of Botswana, Garbone, ** & ***Akanu Ibiam Federal Polytechnic, Unwana, Afikpo Ebonyi State, Nigeria
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The study examined Nigerian banks uses of information and communication technology
(ICT) and its impact on their products and services: case study of some selected banks in Ebonyi
State, Nigeria. Through a triangulation method, a total of 16 bank managers were drawn from 16 banks out of the 17 bank managers of Nigeria banks that have branches in the state. Interview and questionnaire were used to gather data. The results obtained demonstrates that ICT has impacted significantly on Banking services, customers profits and the areas that need to be improved upon by the Nigerian Banks were also revealed. The study recommends that it is imperative for bank management to intensify investment in ICT products to facilitate speed, convenience, and accurate services. This is not for any other reason but for them to be more relevant in the 21st century banking system.
Key words: Information Communication Technology (ICT), ICT Compliance, Banking, Banking Services, Banking System, Service Improvement, Nigeria.

Corresponding Author : Tella Adeyinka